Chris Bentley

Chris is a Non Executive Director of Walker Sime.  Along with fellow Non-Executive Director James Jennings he is a founding director of The Strategy Exchange, a consultancy providing strategy and corporate development services to businesses, groups and investors.

He provides the Walker Sime Board with perspective and insight gleaned from decades of experience in designing, analysing and executing business strategy. Chris has a degree from Cambridge in Computer Science, a Distinction MBA and is a Chartered Accountant.


Chris has a fourth degree black belt from the Bujinkan dojo in Noda-shi, Japan.  He also trains in and teaches German renaissance long-sword fencing.  He lives in West Yorkshire with his wife, Sue, and two Jack Russell terriers.


Prior to co-founding The Strategy Exchange, Chris was Director of Corporate Development at MyTravel Group Plc, and ran the Adventure Travel Division at Holidaybreak Plc. He has worked on projects and initiatives throughout Europe and North America, and in Australia and India. Chis’s experience has taken him into a broad spread of business sectors, notably travel, but also information technology, media, hotels, financial services, asset finance, distribution and education.