Project Management

Our Project Management team offers management and advisory services to organisations within property and construction. We have experience across a wide range of sectors, and tackle anything from small one off projects, to major programmes, with budgets from £100,000 to £5 billion.

Whether you are an experienced Client looking for a safe pair of hands, or a less experienced Client with need of a little more guidance, we can help you. Our professional team can deliver your projects from start to finish, and while we love to be on board from day one, we can join your team at any stage. We can take a project off your hands entirely, or just look after specific parts.

Our team have developed a wealth of experience in property and construction, and we understand what does and doesn’t work.  Our approach is based upon what has proved successful in the past, which we apply to your project.

We offer sound and honest advice, based on our strong understanding of the local market. We pride ourselves on providing value for money, and helping you get value for money from others.

Our team thrive on delivering a great service for our clients, if you are happy, then so are we.

A few of the key characteristics of our approach to projects and programmes include:-

Bespoke – Every project is different, one size does not fit all. We take time to discuss what is important to you, and then tailor our approach accordingly.

Planned & Pro-Active – We love to have a clear plan, and enjoy driving forward that plan in a pro-active manner. Having a clear plan gives our Client’s confidence, and keeps the team focussed.

Controlled – It’s in our nature to manage, organise, and control. We sleep better when we know all is in good order, and hope that our Clients do as well.

Flexible – Projects and programmes are dynamic, and circumstances can change by the hour. Our team work closely with Clients to deal with change, reacting swiftly and in a controlled manner.

Dependable – Our job is to make your life easier, giving you support when you really need it. We go the extra mile, and are not afraid to get stuck in. 

Personable:- We like working with people, and people working well together make projects and programmes  enjoyable and successful. We don’t run things by e-mail, preferring to pick up the phone or meeting face to face.

Positive– It’s easy to identify problems, but we prefer to focus on solutions. We enjoy doing a great job. Positivity is infectious, and amazing things can get done when it spreads!

‘We advise, we plan, we manage, and we deliver!’