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Moving On Up – Reaching the Next Level with Walker Sime

Moving On Up – Reaching the Next Level with Walker Sime

‘Lots of opportunity to progress’. It’s a line that’s part of virtually every job ad you’ll ever have read and yet the reality doesn’t quite always match the promise. So what about Walker Sime? After our recruits were recruited, what happened next?

We spoke to six members of the Walker Sime team about their experiences. Some joined almost a decade ago. Some have only just finished their first year with us. But all have something in common: they’re going places.

Getting started

Will Magee (was a Senior Quantity Surveyor (QS). Just promoted to a Principal QS in our Manchester office): I’ve been at Walker Sime since 2012, although I was a freelance member of staff for the first 3 years before being taken on full-time.

Tom Hargreaves (was a QS. Just promoted to Senior QS in our Manchester office): I transferred over when Walker Sime acquired WCP in September 2019. I think officially I started working for Walker Sime in May 2020.

Andrew Hopwood (was a Senior Project Manager (PM). Just promoted to Principal PM in our Liverpool office): I started as a Project Manager in 2017 but was quickly promoted to a Senior Project Manager in January 2018.

Moving up

Chris Snee (was Senior QS. Just promoted to Principal QS in our Leeds Office): It’s a bit of an odd one this for me. Prior to joining Walker Sime I had worked for my previous employer for 25 years, rising to Director. I joined Walker Sime with the specific intention of returning to the ‘coal face’ as a Senior QS with no managerial responsibilities – and I have really enjoyed it! So, in truth, the offer of promotion came as a bit of a surprise as I joined Walker Sime with no aspirations whatsoever to progress, but it is nice to be recognised for my contribution over the last three years.

Kristian Smith (was Assistant QS. Just promoted to QS in our Liverpool office): I joined as an Assistant QS whilst on day release in 2018, completing the final year of my degree. I graduated in 2019. Then in June 2021 I joined the Liverpool QS team and subsequently got promoted to QS. It’s progressed well.

Viet Huynh (was a Senior QS. Just promoted to Principal PM in our Manchester office): I’ve worked for Walker Sime nearly 2 years now, having joined in Autumn 2019. I was previously an Associate before I came to Walker Sime as a Senior QS and therefore moving into the Principal role was the next natural step for me.

Will: I’ve always been a Senior Quantity Surveyor at Walker Sime up to now, but I’ve moved around from being seconded out on site on a power station in Runcorn, working in the Liverpool office, working out of client’s office (Peel Ports) and now working in the Manchester office.

The best thing about working at Walker Sime?

Andrew: The philosophy that rather than individuals working for a company we are in fact one big team and because of this we are truly supportive of each other. Everyone within the company has the attitude of doing the ‘right thing’ for the greater good of our projects and clients.

Chris: The people and the ‘people-focussed culture’ which underpins the business; the way people are trusted, empowered, supported and appreciated.

Viet: Walker Sime’s best attribute is the professionalism exhibited at all times but having that fun and excitement you only feel when you’re either with your friends or family or work contractor on site. The people are great and really nice to work with, almost eclipsing any other attributes!

Kristian: It’s probably the flexible approach to work i.e. working times, work from home, etc. They also have a wide variety of projects in the pipeline which is interesting.

Speaking of variety…

Andrew: [At Walker Sime] I have worked on a wide variety of projects including education, healthcare, residential and leisure. I have also been responsible for getting Walker Sime placed on a couple of professional services frameworks. Currently I am working at Wirral University Teaching Hospital to deliver their capital works programme across the estate.

Will: Whilst I’ve been here for a long time, my working environment has changed quite often, which means it never gets boring or stale. There’s also variety in the workload. I’ve worked on warehouses, hotels, apartment blocks, offices, new builds, refurbishments, small schemes, massive schemes, different forms of contract, so it’s always interesting and challenging!

What’s next?

Tom: I hope to progress over the next couple of years to Principal Quantity Surveyor.

Kristian: My aspiration for the future is to become a chartered QS with the RICS. I hope to enrol in the next few months.

Viet: My aspirations are to consolidate and build my client base network, in order to reach the next levels of AD and beyond.

Want a career that’s really going places? Do what Will, Andrew, Chris, Viet, Tom and Kristian did: search our current vacancies.