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Wirral Council Regeneration PMO


We were appointed to develop the Wirral Regeneration Project Management Office (PMO) to support Wirral Council’s delivery of their regeneration schemes in Left Bank – the largest of the Birkenhead 2040 projects.

The Wirral Council Regeneration PMO includeed other developments from the Economic Strategy, and Strategic Transport Framework, totalling over 140 individual projects – divided into 17 programmes across 2 portfolios.

Of course, such an extensive assortment of projects requires governance and consistency. Our PMO was built for rigour and auditability, whilst remaining simple to understand and implement – ‘making the complex simple’.

The Detail

We’re concluding the initial phase where we’ve developed an interactive ‘Power Bi’ dashboard to report on finance, milestones, and risk. This dashboard is underpinned by a suite of documents, templates, processes, and procedures that will be rolled out to all projects within the programme.

The dashboard, and accompanying documents, have been undertaken in consultation with Wirral Council to ensure they are fit-for-purpose and deliverable.

We developed a ‘drumbeat’ detailing exact timings for the supply of information. A Data Management Strategy has been employed to detail storage, submittal, and provide live visibility on data when required. Step-by-step user guides accompany all documents, offering the Council self-reliance when the time comes for us to take a step back.

  • Client: Wirral Council
  • Value: P&C
  • Location: Wirral
  • Service: Project Management Office
Wirral Council Regeneration PMO

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