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Staff Hit Milestone Anniversaries at Walker Sime

Walker Sime Anniversary

We would like to give our congratulations to Kevin Wood, Peter Valkenburg, Nick Wdowczyk, Babs Walker and Penny Clouston who have now been with Walker Sime for over 10 years, and Associate Director Caroline Bacon, who has been with the company for a remarkable 15 years. Collectively, these staff members have worked for 65 years for Walker Sime!

Directors Kevin Wood and Peter Valkenburg have headed up our Quantity Surveying for 10 years! Without them creating solid foundations for our QS service streams we wouldn’t have been able to have the fantastic level of growth and staff retention that we’ve achieved.

Babs Walker has been our dedicated Accounts Manager for 10 years and ensured our cash flow has been running smoothly, without her the business simply wouldn’t function!

Associate Directors Caroline Bacon and Nick Wdowczyk certainly know how to bring the fun element to the Walker Sime team! Caroline has been with Walker Sime for 15 years, our longest serving staff member to date, and has been the backbone to the company. Without her drive, passion and ability to bring an excellent work/life ethos to the team, Walker Sime wouldn’t be where it is today. Nick has been with Walker Sime for 10 years, starting out as a Trainee QS and working his way to become Associate Director. Nick is driven, dedicated, excellent with client care, and knows how to bring the element of fun to Walker Sime!

Penny has been in Walker Sime’s QS Infrastructure team for 11 years, often seconded to different clients, and is a valuable asset to the Walker Sime team. While unfortunately Penny couldn’t make it to get in the photo, we wish her many congratulations for the amazing achievement of working for Walker Sime for 11 years.

Managing Director Dez Walker is delighted that Walker Sime is celebrating the milestone anniversaries of so many influential staff members:

“We are extremely proud to have members of our team who have been with us for 10 years or more. Each one of them have been instrumental in the way we have expanded and grown the business, the style in which we manage our business, the way we look after and respect our people and the culture we try to develop. All of them are key to the success and continual success of everything we do and we want to thank them for their continual loyalty and dedication.”

Thank you Nick, Caroline, Peter, Babs, Kevin and Penny for your years of diligence and dedication to Walker Sime, here’s to many more!


(From left to right) Nick, Caroline, Peter, Babs, Kevin.