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Workplace Insights / 5 minutes with Dean Benjamin Associate Director of Project Management

5 minutes with Dean Benjamin, Associate Director of Project Management Banner

Dean Benjamin, Associate Director of Project Management

We spent 5 minutes with Dean Benjamin, Associate Director of Project Management

We found out what makes him tick and how he feels about working for a people-people company.

Here’s what he had to say.


What do you do at Walker Sime and what does that involve?

I’m an Associate Director of Project Management with a strong focus on supporting growth within the healthcare sector.

What do your friends think you do at Walker Sime?

Something construction related, but not the important stuff like getting my hands dirty and actually building things.

What is a typical work day like at Walker Sime?

Each day is different with opportunities to work across a variety of sectors and in different roles.

What are you passionate about that your role directly supports?

As a project manager in the healthcare sector, I’m passionate about contributing to healthcare facilities that positively impact on patients’ lives.

Give us 3 reasons why you love your job (we are hoping here that you do love your job!).

Seeing projects come to life, problem-solving and team collaboration.

What has been your proudest moment working at Walker Sime?

I’m very proud of the progress being made in the healthcare sector and the direction we are taking to drive efficiencies in capital programme delivery. I’m enthusiastic about bringing my knowledge of real sector challenges and being part of the solution that responds to those.

What is a quality of yours that aligns really well with the job that you do?

A quality of mine that’s a great fit as a Project Manager in Healthcare is a strong sense of empathy. I understand the impact our projects have on patients which drives me to ensure that construction is not just about bricks and mortar but about enhancing the overall well-being of those who will use the facilities.

How/when did you know that Walker Sime was the right place to work for you?

I knew from my first chat with Duncan Firth over a coffee that Walker Sime was the right place for me. The values of the company are very closely aligned to my own.

What does being a ‘people people’ company mean at Walker Sime?

A positive work environment, strong team relationships, work life balance and overall job satisfaction.

Thanks Dean!

If you want to be part of a genuine people-focused business with opportunities for professional development and working on landmark construction projects, check out our current career opportunities.