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Working with Walker Sime

If you’re looking to start or further your career in the construction sector with a top firm, we’re currently recruiting for various roles.

Fill your steel toe cap boots!

If you’re considering a career move to Walker Sime (we already like your thinking) and reckon we might be your kind of people, here’s what makes us tick

Proud people
If you’re not passionate and proud about what you do, maybe you’re doing the wrong thing? The business was started over 20 years ago with a burning desire to make a big difference to our clients’ businesses. A flame that still burns just as brightly today.

Positive people
In a world where every ray of sunshine is precious, we throw the curtains wide open. We believe that a positive outlook goes a long way. And we realise that although quantity surveying and project management is often seen as black and white, a splash of Walker Sime colour never goes amiss.

Family people
Working at Walker Sime means joining a family that’s here to nourish and nurture. They’re not just words, but values we take very seriously and put in practice with development, support and *ahem* social events and activities that help us stand out in the sector. Because to us, family is everything.

Grounded people
Though we’re up there with the best, our feet are firmly planted on the ground. We never talk down. We make ourselves easy to understand and airs and graces simply don’t make it past the front door. Because you can only look people in the eye when you’re on the same level.

Go-to people
It goes without saying that we’re dependable, honest and reliable. That’s what our clients expect. We aim to go one step further by becoming the leaders of thought, drivers of quality and raisers of standards that puts Walker Sime top of the list.

Detail people
In this profession, the tiniest detail can make the biggest difference. So we’re meticulous, precise and granular to the point of obsession. In the best possible way.

We’re always looking for the kind of people who share our vision

To stand proudly in front of more than our fair share of remarkable construction and infrastructure projects, and quietly think, “I was part of the team that helped make this a big success”.

To stand proudly in front of…
Yes, it’s about the individual and collective pride we take in what we do. And the sense of achievement we feel having delivered the best service possible. But it’s even bigger than that. We’re privileged to work on projects that often have a profound physical, social, environmental and commercial impact on the world around us. It’s blood pumping stuff!

More than our fair share of…
We’re not greedy, but we are very competitive. We’re a seriously ambitious business that’s hungry for sustainable growth. And by continuing to stick to our values and deliver on our promises, our reputation will grow, and clients will trust us with more of their most lucrative projects.

Remarkable construction and infrastructure projects…
Our definition of remarkable is beyond ordinary. And we mean that in every sense, from our contribution to the built environment and our carbon footprint, and from our social impact and commercial performance. Of course, not every project we work on ends up on the 6 o’clock news like Everton’s new stadium or Manchester’s Heat Exchange. But we’ve still not worked on a single construction or infrastructure commission, ever, that we’ve not put everything into and added measurable value.

And quietly think…
It’s fair to say that if Walker Sime was a person we’d have our work cut out to convince people we’re a shrinking violet. Far from it. But while we ooze confidence in our own, and our colleagues’ ability, there’s a humbleness to our team’s DNA that couldn’t be further from arrogance. Remember, empty vessels make most noise. And we’re not shouty people.

“I was part of the team that helped make this a big success”
We’re Family People and to us, teamwork is everything. You don’t need to be the service line director or project lead to know that you made a worthwhile contribution to a project. You don’t even need to be part of the project delivery team to know that your contribution played a part. We’re in this together – we share values, we share responsibility, and we share success.

It’s people like you who’ll help us get where we’re planning to get

On completion of every single commission, to clink glasses with our clients, in emphatic agreement, it couldn’t have been managed any better, down to the tiniest detail, by anyone, anywhere.

On completion of every single commission…
We confidently put our hard-earned reputation, as the trusted go-to people, on the line with every contract we win, regardless of scale, complexity, budget or margin. And managing every job smoothly over the line is our top business priority, whatever it takes.

To clink glasses with our clients…
No job is so routine that its completion should pass us by without acknowledgement. We start every job with the confidence that we’ll deliver on our promises. And part of our plan is to celebrate successful outcomes with clients who enjoy working and socialising with us.

In emphatic agreement…
We know from the get-go that we’re working with the right clients, culturally speaking, by ensuring our values are closely aligned. But it doesn’t stop there. We put as much emphasis on staying on the same page from an operational and commercial perspective, too.

It couldn’t have been managed any better…
Our blend of experience, skills, integrity and positivity, combined with our passion for customer intimacy and our determination to deliver on our promises, makes Walker Sime an unbeatable team.

Down to the tiniest detail…
We’re detail people. Enough said.

By anyone, anywhere.
We’re slightly biased of course, but we believe that Walker Sime people are as good as it gets. We go to the ends of the earth for our clients. And that’s where you’d need to go to find a better outfit.

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Notice for third party agencies

Please note, Walker Sime does not accept speculative CVs from agencies or recruiters. If you are not currently on our PSL in respect of providing recruitment services, and you have not been assigned a specific recruitment requirement by the Walker Sime recruitment team, please do not send CVs for roles that you have seen advertised.

We do not accept any T&Cs from recruitment agencies either now or in the future for any speculative CVs that you issue to any employee of Walker Sime. We reserve the right to hire these candidates without financial obligation to the recruiter.

If you would like to discuss being on our preferred supplier list, email Clare Gilmour – Talent Acquisition Manager.