From boutique projects to large-scale masterplans, on home soil or across the pond, we’ve got the expertise across a range of sectors to deliver sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

We have deep and distinguished expertise in providing Quantity Surveying and Project Management services in the time-honoured craft of traditional construction – turning blueprints of public and private spaces into havens and hubs for residential, industrial, and commercial innovation. We can align your vision with the aspirations of local communities and help to shape spaces that go above and beyond mere functionality. From small-scale local projects to region-wide masterplans, we’ve got it covered.


Multi-purpose development areas that typically blend residential, commercial, and retail with elements of public realm.


Domestic dwellings such as housing, apartments, or high-rise developments constructed as private, social, BTR (Build-to-Rent) or PRS (Private Rented Sector).


Office accommodation and commercial Cat A, B, C and D fit-out and/or refurbishment of non-industrial spaces.


Commercial developments that offer the sales of goods or services to consumers.

Community & Leisure

Public-use amenities, leisure facilities, entertainment services, cultural spaces, youth and/or accessible social provisions.


Construction of facilities that offer short-stay and hotel accommodation, food, beverage, travel, and tourism.


Warehousing and manufacturing facilities for storage, industrial assembly, and engineering purposes.


Conceptual, sustainable, long-term future growth and the comprehensive planning and design of social environments and associated infrastructure.

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We embody the spirit of growth and connectivity, where the tangible (and intangible) threads of progress all converge to help shape the places we live. We take responsibility for solving problems and delivering unrivalled service. Our dedicated team of infrastructure experts provide competence, dedication, and a friendly face you can trust with round-the-clock availability.
We assemble the right people with the right skills and technical know-how on even the most complex projects. Wherever you are.


Development of farms and other infrastructure to harness sustainable energy derived from natural sources – such as solar and wind.

Energy & Waste

Facilities and infrastructure that utilise fossil fuels and/or the reuse and recycling of waste to create new forms of energy.

Water & Utilities

Municipal services and associated infrastructure for sanitation and sewage, water, wastewater, and gas.


Fission or fusion facilities for processing nuclear materials to generate electricity – and any associated infrastructure and waste.


Critical infrastructure, strategic road networks, and urban/suburban interconnectivity.

Ports & Marine

Maritime infrastructure, docks, and port facilities.

Rail & Transport

Critical infrastructure, strategic rail networks, and urban interconnectivity.


Aerospace infrastructure, aeronautic engineering, and intercontinental connectivity.

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A vibrant domain where the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the Education and Healthcare sectors has helped to create cutting-edge environments that keep the beacon of curiosity ignited for students, researchers, and medical professionals alike.

In these sectors – inspired by the insatiable thirst for answers – we champion diverse avenues of learning and care to help create harmonious and empathetic spaces.


School, college, and university facilities – or buildings of historical, scientific, cultural, or artistic interest – and their associated spaces for state, higher, and further education.


Environments that foster critical, acute, and/or chronic patient care and empower medical professionals.


Research and development facilities for the manufacture, study, or testing of pharmaceutical drugs and the engineering of clinical or medical devices.

Life Science

Biological, microbiological, zoological, physiological, botany, and biochemistry facilities for the purpose of research.


Whether facilitating the creation of inclusive and diverse spaces, preserving history, helping the nation stand as a bastion of security, or amplifying the voices of storytellers, we stand as steadfast partners for clients in specialist, socially, and culturally sensitive sectors.

We operate on a code of strict confidentiality, with discretion being a cornerstone of our operations – ensuring every step we take is guided by the utmost sensitivity and reverence.

Local Authority

Public sector developments and schemes for local councils that provide services, facilities, amenities, dwellings, social spaces, or infrastructure to citizens and their communities.


Maintenance, protection, restoration and/or conservation of listed buildings – and buildings (or land) of significant cultural, historical, or archaeological importance.


Developments and infrastructure in the interest of national security.


Developments for the purpose of producing or facilitating mass communication or information, arts, or entertainment.

Media City