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We improve outcomes on regeneration projects for local authorities and developers. And importantly, for the communities who live with the results.

From project inspiration – like using a visitor attraction as the catalyst for a broader redevelopment – to shaping business cases and sourcing funding, we help developers and local authorities lock in success at the earliest stages of regen development.

We know how to create happier, healthier, more successful places. More than that, we know the difference regeneration makes — for the people who live in the communities we regenerate, and for the new communities that are created as a result of our work. We take enormous pride in the legacy of the projects we work on.

Regen delivery people
Upperbanks; Rochdale Borough Council.
Regeneration Delivery

Place makers.
Vision shapers.

Cathy Palmer
Director of Regeneration Delivery

Regen delivery people

Led by Cathy Palmer, Director of Regeneration Delivery, we take a typically Walker Sime people-centric approach to the way we advise local authorities and private developers on how to develop large, complex, mixed use regeneration schemes.

The former Head of Regeneration Delivery for Wirral Council has already successfully delivered projects for Bolton and Wirral councils on some of the country’s most ambitious regen programmes. Now, she leads Walker Sime’s Regen Delivery business.

“One area where we differ from others who do regen delivery is our experience. I’ve worked inside the public sector so I understand how approval and governance systems work. I know what support council leaders really need in developing new ideas and ensuring sticking points get unstuck. And I know how to ensure projects mobilise communities. We help change outcomes for communities, for developers and for local authorities. And we do it in partnership with them.”

Cathy Palmer, Director Regeneration Delivery

We get Regen Delivery

For local authorities AND developers

Across the North West, we’re helping local authorities and developers with the funding support, budget planning, risk management and governance that they need to make delivery a reality.

How do you build a healthier, happier, more prosperous town or city neighbourhood that supports long term growth? How do you ensure your project is the catalyst for wider, sustained regeneration? And how do you manage it all?

How do you find new regeneration opportunities and then access the funding to unlock them? How do you boost the success of your competitive tendering? And when the planning progress gets stuck, how do you navigate the internal council processes that can help unblock it?

From opportunity identification and bid support to council liaison, we help developers find, win and progress regeneration projects and generate the momentum that helps you capitalise on each success.

How do you demonstrate the tangible benefits of long-terms regeneration to the public and politicians who want results now? How is funding accessed? How do we involve the community?

For local authorities we help change outcomes for the spaces we redevelop. We deliver regeneration that works for everyone. And with client-side experience of the challenges local authorities face, we make it easier for council leaders to make regeneration a reality.

Regen Delivery: How we help

“Every regeneration project faces scepticism. Birkenhead is no different, with Walker Sime’s support, we’ve been able to develop some fantastic projects born out of the cultural and historical identity of Birkenhead that have really energised the ay the local community feels about what we’re doing”  Julie Barnes, Wirral Borough Council.

Whether you’re a local authority or a developer, talk to us about:

  • Programme management
  • Opportunity identification
  • Accessing grant funding
  • Bid support & business case development
  • Building delivery teams
  • Town Investment Plans
  • Risk management
  • Delivery plans
  • Budget planning
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
  • Governance system design and support
  • Project design and implementation
  • Planning for post 2026 delivery

As project managers, cost consultants, programme managers and infrastructure specialists, our teams help take projects to completion. Discover more about them here:

Quantity Surveying

Infrastructure Services

Project Management

Project Management Office

Construction Design Management

Bills of Quantities

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Making regeneration a reality…

We’re helping local authorities and developers with the funding support, budget planning, risk management and governance they need to make regeneration a reality.

We know from experience working with a number of local authorities and developers who are delivering change across the North West. Our people have steered successful community-led regenerations from within local authorities and as consultants for them. Together with our development partners, we’re helping to shape major developments like these below.

Birkenhead 2040 Framework

We’re supporting Wirral Council’s 20-year plan to regenerate Birkenhead and the Wirral waterfront including Dock Branch Park & Transport Shed project and Eureka! Science + Discovery children’s museum opened in November 2022. A fundamental part of the Wirral regeneration project, Walker Sime helped shepherd the project to completion.

Bolton Town Centre Masterplan

Bolton Council sought Walker Sime’s regeneration and commercial management expertise on securing town investment plan funding for the renovation and refurbishment of Bolton Market, Bolton Library and Bolton Wellsprings.

Liverpool Waters

As cost consultants appointed by Peel Holdings, we’re developing realistic and achievable cost models for 88 plots across a 160-acre historic waterfront site.

Rochdale Upperbanks

Mixed use regeneration including residential apartments, a hotel and associated public works have helped regenerate Rochdale town centre.

Prestwich Town Centre

As project managers, we are facilitating the delivery of a number of transformative interventions in Prestwich Town Centre on behalf of Bury Council, alongside their Development Partner Muse.

Stockport 8

As project managers appointed by Muse, we are shaping the delivery of Stockport’s most iconic regeneration project; a connected fully walkable neighbourhood.

Regeneration Delivery

Place makers. Vision shapers.

Cathy Palmer
Director of Regeneration Delivery

Bills of Quantities