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Duncan Firth Appointed Chair of Manchester Chamber’s Construction Sector Group

Walker Sime Duncan Firth

We are thrilled to announce that our MD, Duncan Firth is the new Chair of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) Property & Construction Group. At a challenging but extremely exciting time for the industry, he’ll be helping to set the strategic direction not just of the group, but of the region’s construction sector.

The GMCC Property & Construction Group has always played a vital role in developing and promoting industry research, campaigns and best practice. But you could make a strong argument for saying its work has never been more important at a time when the pandemic, climate change, supply chain issues and more are all conspiring to create a complex and challenging environment for the construction sector.

It’s timely, therefore, that Duncan Firth has been appointed Chair of the group. Now in position, it’s an opportunity he’s relishing.

“It’s a massive honour to be appointed as Chair of Greater Manchester Chamber’s Property & Construction Sector Group and I can’t wait to get stuck in, alongside Vice-Chair Stewart Grant, as we represent our members with passion, purpose and pace.”

As the sector continues its post-lockdown journey, Duncan sees the opportunity for the industry to recalibrate. “As we regroup and ready ourselves to push on in these challenging-yet-exciting times for the sector, I’m looking forward to helping lead the Group’s future direction.”

That future direction is filled with pressing matters, all of which will require the group’s attention.

“The issues affecting the industry right now really are a reflection of the issues affecting us all,” Duncan explains. “How we create a sustainability agenda to meet carbon net-zero goals. How we respond to the recruitment challenges presented by the current skills shortage. How we mitigate rising inflation and its effect on raw material prices, lead times and supply issues. And how we maximise the impact of the levelling up agenda for the whole Greater Manchester region are all matters which the group has a clear role in shaping.

“We are in the hugely privileged position of being able to reach directly into local and central government to tackle the construction industry’s hottest issues. Through our events, seminars and the critical policy and campaign areas we choose to pursue, we’ll be working to ensure the views of the region are fully represented.”