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Bills of Quantities

First Light Pavilion / Jodrell Bank


Part of the Unesco World Heritage Jodrell Bank Observatory, which houses the famous Lovell Telescope – First Light Pavilion is an 8,000 sq ft reinforced concrete dome which is the first to be constructed in the UK in over 25 years, and the largest of its kind in Europe with a 50m diameter.

The grass-covered 7m high, single-storey dome was designed to look like a hill in the observatory’s arboretum and uses ethically sourced topsoil. It features a visiting centre, exhibition space, and an auditorium which seats 130 – car parking capacity was increased to 325.
Sustainability was a key driver in the delivery of this project with rainwater harvesting, recycling waste and excess excavation materials, and ecological protection such the installation of birdboxes and scarecrows to prevent nesting in construction zones.

We produced measurements and bills for the project in its entirety. Our main challenge was utilising the latest technology to accurately measure the dome, and adapting to changes in design through the RFI process.

The facility aims to increase its 150,000 annual visitors, educating on the feats of post-war engineering and the dawn of the ‘Space Age’. It seeks to provide a place of inspiration for families and young people, showcasing the emergence of radio astronomy and offering gallery-based school engagement and outreach programmes.

  • Client: Kier
  • Value: £20.5M
  • Location: Cheshire
  • Service: Bills of quantities
First Light Pavilion - Jodrell Bank

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